Mission Statement
At the School of Inquiry, we set high expectations to enable all children to become inquiring, life-long learners.
Parent Volunteers
Helping your child realize the value of education is extremely important.  Your presence at school is one way to show your support and encouragement.  Chester Park School of Inquiry's mission is to create an educational environment in which students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, and the academic, social, and developmental needs of each student are met.  We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with this complex task.  The children and faculty invite you to volunteer your time and talents.  These are some ways that you can volunteer:
  • Mentoring
  • Attending class field trips
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Help during special events
  • Become a room "mother", "father", or "helper"
  • Make educational games
  • Copy materials for the teacher
  • Donate snacks and treats
  • Serve on a parent committee
  • Help monitor students during intersession
  • Donate educational supplies to those in need
  • Help with class parties
  • Read to or with children
  • Cut out and prepare materials
  • Work one-on-one with a student
  • Monitor classes during lunch
  • Help with fund-raising
If you are interested in assisting us in any of these areas, please call the school and speak with the principal, Mrs. Taylor.
Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a tool specifically developed for parents of students in grades 3-12.  Chester County School District is excited to offer a means for parents to monitor their child's grades and attendance, sign up for electronic progress reports, view school bulletins, and even receive email notifications through an online portal.  Parent/Guardians with multiple students in different schools in the district may even access all their children's information using one account. 
If you are the legal parent/guardian of a student in Chester County School District, and you would like to request a Parent Portal account: 
Step 1.  Read the Terms of Use  (contact the school office with specific questions regarding use)
Step 2.  Complete the Request for Access Form.  Turn the completed form in to the school office.  (Please be prepared to present your photo ID).
Step 3.  Parent Instructions for ParentPortal (2).pdf
Step 4.  The school office will provide the unique ID/Password, along with detailed instructions, to complete the account creation.