Ms. Sierra Hughes, School Guidance Counselors
Mr. Marcus Stone, Catawba Mental Health Counselor

Elementary Guidance
This is the place where we learn to learn, learn to live, and learn to work.  The elementary guidance program is made up of four components:
1)GUIDANCE CURRICULUM: Classroom and group activities in the areas of education, occupation, and personal-social behavior.
2)INDIVIDUAL PLANNING:  Personal development and decision-making.
3) RESPONSIVE SERVICES:  Immediate needs of students, including prevention and intervention.
4) SYSTEM SUPPORT:  Program and staff support activities
The aim of the entire guidance program is to fully equip your child with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their individual growth patterns and its validity.  There is a particular emphasis on the building of exceptional character and attitude as your child receives his/her education, chooses his/her career, and interacts with the people around him/her.